Refresh in ionic framework


Hi Community,
I am new to ionic framework.I am using templates in ionic framework…In that template i have buttons list etc.If i click the button it should navigate to another page it all works fine…My problem is i can’t refresh the page…I had used $route…no use…can anyone help to clear this issue.



Why can’t you refresh the page? When you refresh in the browser, it should reload the page with the existing URL structure. Your router in the Angular config should handle that just fine.

Can you post a CodePen sample?


Hi Calendee,
I am using Ionic in mobile i can’t refresh the page…If browser means i can reload the page.I had used $route or location.reload no use…If i reload means it came to the Main or first template page…I can’t refresh the particular page…Can anyone help me…



I think you need to explain what “refresh the page” means. You are clicking a button, going to another view, and then… what is or is not happening?


I have this tabs used in the ionic template.If i click the info button it goes to the TaskItemsscreen…there is no issue.My problem is i want to first refresh and load the TaskItemsScreen…I had used $route…or location.reload it reloads the whole page…It goes to the login screen…can u get me now…



I’m still having a little trouble understanding.

In “Single Page Applications”, you don’t refresh pages. You transition to that view and see whatever is there.

Do you mean you want the DATA in that view to “refresh”? If so, when that tab is activated, you have the controller request new data from whatever the source is. It will put the new data on the scope and “refresh” what is displayed.


Hi Candlee,
Thanks for ur response…In tabs if i click the info it transists to the TaskItemsScreen…I am using the jsignature in that page…I want the navigates TaskItemsScreen should be refresh…can you get me now.

Otherwise can you give ur gmail id so that i can send the code…plz



It would be much better if you setup a CodePen sample.

I still don’t get it nor do I understand “jsignature”.