Ionic Reloading Same Page When Pressing F5

In my ionic application,I have several pages.During the login process I keep the token in the storage to use.When I press the F5 to refresh the page ie:I am in Page 1,I want to reload the Page 1.However it routes me to directly to the LoginPage which is the rootPage in the appComponent.ts.How can I reload the same page? I also tried the update function in the Page1 but it routes me again the Login Page unfortunately.NgZone also not working!

Ionic app in browser is just a simulation, when you hit F5 you reload the entire page and app is getting reset

I see what you said.However,when I put the application in the phone and run it on mobile browser and refresh it in the same way via phone,does it make the same thing or is it going to the stay in the same page.

you want to run app in mobile browser? what is the point?

App will be used both mobile and web.That’s why when I open it in the mobile web browser or in desktop web browser ,it should be reloaded.However,it is routed to Login Page on desktop web browser.

well, it doesn’t work this way, Ionic app is ment to be just an app

You’re running as a single-page app. Add Deeplinks, etc., for multiple pages. However, the devs are updating that part of Ionic, so I’m avoiding working on it until things stabilize. Tools already exist to do what you want, but I’m not sure if breaking changes will be introduced.

I solved the problem with refresher and refresh button.

Thanks All.

Can you please share how you solved this issue ?