Refresh current page


Hi guys,
I need to refresh my current page after event occurred.

I retrieve the current page but I can’t refresh it?

var currentPage = this.nav.getActive().name;



Hi, what do you want to refresh your entire page?


I need to reload the entire page… constructor, etc etc…


That’s not how Angular applications work. What is the actual goal here?


In my constructor I reed the storage… when a specific event triggered, I need to reload the storage and refresh the page


If you actually have to “refresh the page”, then something is drastically wrong. As for reloading from storage, do something like this:

thingy: string;

constructor(private _storage: Storage, events: Events) {
  events.subscribe('thingyChanged', () => this.refresh());

refresh(): void {
  this._storage.get('thingy').then(thingy => this.thingy = thingy);

I have to warn you, though: every time I’ve needed something like this, I ended up throwing the design in the trash bin in favor of some other more robust solution. It’s too error-prone to rely on storage as an intermediary like this. Storage should only be used across app restarts, IMHO.