How to properly refresh a page

Hello guys,

I’m building a favorite list which I can erase list items within a page. It’s based on Ionic sqlite storage.
I found Ionic page will keep removed ion list items until I re-enter the list page.
So it needs refreshing a page upon removing an item from ionic storage.

How can I refresh a particular page?
window.location.refresh() seems to refresh the entire pages… this is not what I’m trying to do.
I need to refresh a single page out of twenty pages on my app so navCtrl.setRoot() will not work either.

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You can use a method which will update ur json after every task on sqlite storage and then bind that json to template

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Hi, @jamesharvey

You can splice list item in array using array splice() method using item id and also item remove in SQLite database. Then you are get back to page apply SQLite data to array.

if your problem is not solved this way. So please add your code.

Thank you.

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Hi, @addwebsolution thanks.
this.itemArray.splice(, 1) throws an error message… “cannot erase undefined id”
why does this happen? Everything’s working fine on item list page. I can dynamically load item names using, item.about. splice() can’t get item’s id…