How to refresh a page in ionic?

I want the user to click on a button and that the page is reloaded how do i do so.

Please elaborate on what you think “reloading a page” constitutes.

when i want data from an api to be fetched again

<button ion-button (click)="fetchDataFromApi()">

i have organise my work under the app folder and i have created three other folders
1 components
2 services
3 interfaces


<div *ngIf="!isErr && newsResults" id="content">
  <p *ngIf="first" id="p-sk3">{{newsResults.category}} News</p>
  <div *ngFor="let site of newsResults.sites | slice:0:10; let i = index">
    <div *ngIf="site.articles && site.articles.length" class="ion-card">
      <div class="ion-card-content" *ngFor="let article of site.articles | slice:0:3; let j = index">
        <a (click)="articleSelected(site.url, article)" target="_blank" title="{{article.text}}" class="TAj VAm tdu clk">
          <div *ngIf="article.img_url!==''" class="lat max1o2 TAc VAm ns">
                                <img id="img_{{article.uank}}" src="{{article.img_url}}" class="news_imgs ip6 TAc VAm">
          <p class="psk3" (click)="articleSelected(site.url, article)">{{article.text}}</p>
        <span id="age_{{article.uank}}" class="dgry_fgc f90 TAl VAm" in-view="$inview && fnSetInViewAge(article.logtime)" sk3-in-view-age></span>
        <hr class="hr">
      <div class="vlgry_bgc TAc">
        <span class="ntdu_hover blkf90 b wrap">
        <i class="site" title="Get more from {{site.label}}" (click)="siteSelected(site.url, article)">
            <span class="f80 blk TAc">({{site.articles.length}} items)</span>
    <!-- #whtbox_shad4 -->

<div *ngIf="isErr">
  <p name="ios-alert" class="err xip8"> {{errMessage}} </p>


import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { Http } from '@angular/http'
import { NavController } from 'ionic-angular';

import { DetailPage } from '../../../pages/detail/detail';
import { Sk3NewsCategory } from '../../interfaces/sk3-news/sk3-news-category.interface';
import { Sk3NewsService } from '../../services/sk3-news/sk3-news.service';
import { HeadlinesPage } from '../../../pages/headlines/headlines'

    selector: 'sk3-news',
    templateUrl: './sk3-news.component.html'

export class Sk3NewsComponent{
    isErr: boolean = false;
    errMessage = "Oops! The connection boobooed. Try again later.";
    newsResults: Sk3NewsCategory;
    sitesPerCategory: number = 10;
    articlesPerSite: number = 3;
    timestamp: number = 0;
    constructor(public http: Http, public sk3newsservice: Sk3NewsService, public navCtrl: NavController) {
            data => {
                this.newsResults = data.d;
            err => {
    articleSelected(siteurl, article) {
        this.navCtrl.push(DetailPage, {
            siteurl: siteurl,
            article: article
    siteSelected(siteurl, article) {
        this.navCtrl.push(HeadlinesPage, {
            siteurl: siteurl,
            article: article

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Http } from '@angular/http';

import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';

import { Sk3NewsCategory } from '../../interfaces/sk3-news/sk3-news-category.interface';


export class Sk3NewsService {
    newsData: Sk3NewsCategory[];

    constructor(public http: Http) {

    getSk3News() {
        return this.http.get("" + Math.random())
        .map(res => res.json());


help me now… if possible

Move what you are doing in the component’s constructor to a method and call that when the button is pressed.

where will the method be