Recent incoming of Spam

Hey everyone!
So if you haven’t noticed, spammers have set their targets on the ionic forum :disappointed:
But we can fight back!

If you see a post that is obviously spam, please flag it.
The forum mods/admins will be notified of the spam and be able to block the user.

The benefit for all of you is that if you flag a post as spam, it will be hidden and the user will be blocked from posting any more content.

We’re all in this together so lets all get together and stop this spam issue while we work on a solution.



Just a suggestion: Akismet (or some similar service).

Try adding post validation, if a post gets too many downvotes it is hidden until a mod visits it and eventually unhides it.

Or, after the first approved post you can post without approval.

Try implementing captcha for the first bunch of posts (even if it’s breakable), add email validation if you haven’t already done and some random question during the registration, like what’s the framework name or w/e.


How can I make a new post in this Ionic Forum? I used to be able to but I can’t find any button sth like “New Post” to start a new post this morning. Is this because of this spam thing?

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I can’t find the button either :smiley: I feel stupid :wink:

+1 for downvote system!

I cant see the new post button either? I then found keyboard short cut but that also wont allow me to post a topic? Im not spam honest?

To be able to post on the forum, all you have to do is read a couple of posts.
You’ll be able to post after that.

Oh ok, I get it. will do. F

How much is a couple? I’ve been reading topics on here for a while now. And I really would like to open an new topic :wink:

Edit: Ok, the ‘new topic’ button magically appeared!

I’ve spent 30 min to find a way to post a msg, dude you have to find a better way to avoid spammers.

I want to ask a question and it’s impossible. I have read several topics and I’m not able to write :frowning:

Just ned to read a few posts.

Disabling the post button and inserting a small note that the user is not yet able to post would be more intuitive