New user limitations

Hi guys,

I love Ionic Framework and I love the forum with super-fast help from experienced users. BUT…

It’s super annoying that new users can’t reply more than 3 times in a single topic!
Why is there even such a rule?

For example; I replied in an existing topic because I had a similar problem. After some posts forth and back someone finally presented the solution for my particular problem. But now I can’t confirm that it’s working because of this silly limitation.

Please fix this. Oh and by the way, I do get the suggestion that I should edit my last post instead of adding a new one. I get that. But that isn’t working either. When I hit “Save” after editing, I get the same limitation message.


Hey @Robin, sorry about that, the default Discourse has some funky rules. I’ll go change this. We want you to be able to post to your hearts desire :slight_smile:

I just made some changes, hopefully it’s working better! Mind letting me know if it’s good now?


Working like a charm! Thanks.

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