Awful Forum Experience for New Users

I’ll keep this brief: You treat new posters as spammers from day zero

  • Ok so I make a post. Then it’s immediately quarantined. Why? Who knows.
  • The quarantine message tells me I’ll need to wait a bit for a mod to approve it. Fine.
  • I check back 8 hours later. I see multiple mods are active and posting. My quarantined post is untouched.
  • I reply to the quarantine post in an attempt to get someone’s attention. My post continues to be quarantined as mods post on the forum.
  • I report my own post to the mods asking if they can approve the post. My post continues to be quarantined while mods continue to post on the forum.
  • I attempt to find a way to engage a mod one on one. This forum does not support private messages and the forum software tells me that I can’t @ anyone without “inviting them”. I can’t find a way to invite anyone to my quarantined conversation.
  • I consider creating a new Twitter account to get someone’s attention.
  • I finally stumble across a way to message the moderators as a GROUP.
  • FINALLY my post is approved.

I’m not sure how you guys think this is acceptable.

Do you REALLY get so many spam messages per day that you need a spam filter?

Does anyone check the spam filter? Doesn’t seem like it based on my experience.

If the mods had ignored my group message my next step was to create a new Twitter account (I don’t use Twitter) and attempt to call out people there. Does that seem acceptable to you?

Do you really want to make it this hard to use your community?

If a new user knew what they had to go through to interact with the Ionic community would they want to put in that effort?

Anyway - guy this was a TERRIBLE first experience with Ionic.

You want to build a community?

Then pay attention to the community.

Sorry you had a bad experience. Do keep in mind that it’s year-end, when lots of people are taking time off from work, and today as I type this is Christmas, which is one of the largest holidays in the world.

Also, many of those who aren’t celebrating holidays are frantically trying to finish work deadlines by year-end.

I guess that’s a subjective threshold. I’d say somewhere around 50 represents a typical day. I personally also consider seeing lots of ads for escort services on a technical forum a horrible experience, so I delete a lot of posts and users. I’ve also received a grand total of $0 for my efforts from Ionic. Posts like the one I’m responding to right now frankly reduce my motivation to continue bothering.

Have a nice day. Now I have to go back to finishing year-end deadline work and cooking for my family.