Receiving ERROR: Start Page at 'www/index.html' was not found -- after updating to RC2

Updated to RC2, did the following:

ionic start testproject blank --v2

followed by

ionic build ios

Opened the XCode project and ran it received:

testproject[15720:3726809] ERROR: Start Page at ‘www/index.html’ was not found.
testproject[15720:3726809] ERROR Internal navigation rejected - not set for url=‘about:blank’

Checked www folder, no index.html to be found. Was not an issue in RC1 and prior. Any ideas?

In the mean time, can I downgrade to RC1 by changing the package name in package.json?

I had this issue when I didn’t update the ionic cli. npm install@latest ionic -g

Yep, that did it. Thank you!