Index.html not found in ionic

I am beginner to ionic 2.
I have created new project with this command.
‘ionic start todo blank’
Issue is that, index.html is not generated automatically in www folder.
I get only these 3 files in www.
can anyone help me in this?


Take a look in the src folder. This is the place to work and code :slight_smile:

@Jacktoolsnet Thanks for the reply.
But when I run newly created ionic2 app in device i got this error message.

Have you tried

ionic serve


ionic build


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just run: ionic start sample

when asked, choose blank project.
this works.

@Jacktoolsnet ionic build worked…thank you so much for your help :ok_woman:

You are welcome. Mark the answer as solution if you like.

sure I will :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@arnoldparge thanks for the help :slight_smile: