Re-theme the In App Browser Plugin to match your app's colors

I found myself needing to make the In App Browser plugin match the color scheme of my app, yet the plugin does not allow this, it simply defaults to gray. I did a little digging and found a pretty quick way to make it work.

Hopefully this helps someone out, please let me know your thoughts.

This seems really helpful, I need to change the color and it would be nice to add a button to it.
I don’t quite see how to rebuild it though, the changes don’t take effect?



So the changes you’re making don’t take effect after following the blog post? Sounds like a caching issue somewhere, like your updated fork isn’t making it into each platform folder. Have you checked that?

And regarding building…what do you mean re build it? Plugins come not built, they are source code, that’s how they work. They are only built when you build for each platform.

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Thanks for the reply. I have to do these for it to update:

ionic platform rm android
ionic platform add android

Yep, sounds about right. Cool, glad you got it working!

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Thanks for the help.

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Is there any chance I can resize the in-app-browser.
I’m trying to use the in-app-browser plugin in my application. But while using the plugin, it covers the whole screen. The application has a header and a footer, I need to have the browser in between them.
Please let me know, if this is possible.
Thank you!!