Webview plugin customization

is the webview plugin customization?

^ The navigator button are quite dull, not sure can I style that or not, and if possible I want to display partial of the frame only, is that achievable?

to hide the navbar you can do this over the settings of inAppBrowser:

 var defaultOptions = {
    location: 'no',
    clearcache: 'no',
    toolbar: 'no'

  document.addEventListener(function () {


  }, false);

to customize several styles you could inject css into the iab:

 $rootScope.$on('$cordovaInAppBrowser:loadstop', function(e, event){
    // insert CSS via code / file
      code: 'body {background-color:blue;}'

To shrint size of iab from fullscreen to custom height/width i guess its not possible for now… :frowning:

thanks, I saw the css injection as well. I try to modify the java code of the plugin but it’s not as simple as I think haha.

did you try js injection? For me this never worked…

It never worked for me, omg how to execute that :frowning: