Range slider debouncing

I am using an Ionic2 ion-range slider to control a setting of a resource constrained remote embedded device. I like the instant feedback from an updated label to see the precise value - but would like to limit the amount of requests sent to the target device as it might choke on a flood of requests.

Debouncing would solve the latter problem but then you don’t get the instant update of the precise value - even a low wait time greatly impacts user experience in this regard.

So ideally I could have the “live-updating” of the label and just get a touch-end event when the user settles on a value. But (touchend) and variations of that are not triggered. Any hints as to if such simple approach is possible at all?

My fallback plan is to handle the range change myself - update the bound field for the label and perhaps debounce through an Observable and then ignore all but the last event in a subscriber that invokes the remote device.

The fallback approach seems a bit clumsy (but doable), so any hints about a better approach would be appreciated!