Random Typescript Errors at Reload

I use WebStorm for development and lately I’ve been really puzzled by the environment as a whole and seeing if anyone else has experienced this.

So I’ll make changes, add classes/code…the usual…and live reload will compile the ts and display the app in the browser via my terminal which obviously is running the ionic serve.

Now sometimes I’ll make a change or just refresh the page and viol’a I have a typescript error which wasn’t there before, but exists on a page where code has not been modified.

I thought live reload / web pack recompiles everything but maybe I’m missing a parameter or setting somewhere? Any help appreciated.

I don’t use webstorm but vscode and sometimes bump into the same problem (although not often) and think it is related to file moves outside ionic’s view. Then I reload ionic serve so it can rebuild its index of files to monitor (I presume).

Not sure if this helps, but at least is my experience

It used to. At least, almost everything. Recent Ionic versions have changed that, to build faster. It actually makes my life a little more annoying, because I don’t know whether I missed the error, so I find myself restarting Ionic Serve more now than I used to, so I can be sure of what I’m looking at.

Good to know that others do this as well. Thank you very much for the reply

@AaronSterling, thanks for the reply. it’s always those catch 22’s when it comes to improving performance. It may just be that I will need myself and my team to restart ionic serve a few times during the day just to make sure we aren’t missing something. Nice to know that we’re not alone though…always good to hear.

Thanks for your reply.

Just as a final close to this thread…@aaronsterling had the correct solution in that it’s probably a good thing to stop the serve engine and then start it again on occasion. I know this seems like that old MS Windows solution of…just reboot…but it does make sense in this case.