Should I reinstall windows?

I keep having problems with ionic serve and Chrome - nothing major but just minor issues - the latest of which is that changes to the type script ts files are shown in the developer’s source window but the code is still running the older version. The only way to be sure is to close and restart ionic serve.

One option might be to run a clean install of windows - but somehow I think the real problem is chrome trying is be clever and not knowing when files have changed.

Does that happens for all your codes wherever it’s located or only in case you change something in piece of codes like “in components used in components used in the actual pages”?

If you face this case, it’s kind of “normal”, that’s a known problem

that or you have a service worker that is not updating your app (unlikely though as it works fine when you restart ionic serve)

The changes often in page code and are often very small i.e. changing the logic test in a if condition.

So it is not surprising if Chrome does not know the file has changed there might only be a few characters difference from the original version.

But more important than chrome, do you see “ionic serve” building again or do you observe that “ionic serve” doesn’t notice any changes

There are many issues regarding this topic of missed change detection, like

Same problem with firefox some times…

Yes it goes through the build process - personally I think it is more a chrome (and firefox) issue.

Well then that’s weird for me, I don’t face it (Chrome 63.0.3239.132, macOS 10.12.6, node v9.3.0)

I wonder if this issues missed change detection only affect windows and chrome?

don’t know unfortunately.

p.s.: we can’t blame intel on that one :wink:

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I have seen stuff get ‘cached’ and nothing seem to flush it. I will switch which port I use to serve on using the -p flag. Other times, I just delete Chrome and reinstall it. Have not tracked down the why, but those are my ‘fixes’