Ionic serve is not showing any typescript errors on the console

When I run ionic serve from my command prompt, and I have a typescript error, there is no indication from the build that anything is wrong. I would expect behavior similar to ng build --watch, which outlines any errors and where they are located.

Am I missing something that would give me these errors on the ionic serve?

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Are you talking about the linter, or about compilation errors?

Edit: remember ngc uses a much newer version of Typescript than Ionic does. So ngc flags more errors and warnings in some code.

Compilation errors.

Often times I find that if I quit the ionic serve and re-start it, the initial build process will pick up errors that the rebuild doesn’t.

I also find that sometimes I have to exit ionic serve just to pick up changes at all! It will load old pages until I restart.

That’s intentional. The rebuild tries its best to make things work. If you want a cold restart, close ionic serve and the browser, and type ionic serve again.

@AaronSterling Please please change this behaviour! The purpose of having typescript and a live reload server is to show type errors when I change the code. If I have to restart the live reload server to show typescript errors, what’s the point in having a live reload server? And, it is very unintuitive to not show the types of errors in the console. I saw lint errors in the console, so I assumed that I would see compilation errors as well. This had led me to waste annoying amounts of time.

By the way, i am not the only one who has this concern

I’m not an Ionic dev. You’d be better served filing an issue on github.

If they did what you want, there would then be a flood of whiners complaining that live reload takes too long to compile.

Then the solution would be to explicitly disable printing compilation errors. Not printing out error messages that one would expect to be printed is a reasonably nasty behaviour especially when debugging