Ruby Sinatra for API with AngularJS for Web/Desktop and confused by Ionic fitting in

I am in dilemma.
I am more at home in the Ruby ecosystem. I have written a REST API in Sinatra. This API receives and pushes data from/to a desktop App that is running in multiple locations/desktops.

I am at a point where i need a mobile app that connects delivery drivers to their local warehouse branch from which they collect parcels.

Basically, they log into the mobile/web app from their smart phones. Their presence is registered and the warehouse desktop app notified and he can be assigned jobs.

I have no previous know-how of ionic at all. I’m trying to figure out how to make it work.

I’ll need some kind of user management on the mobile app side only. I’ll use unique ids/vars to ID the particular warehouses and map the drivers to their local wh-branch.

I have looked for examples of ruby-ionic implementations but cant find any.

Do you know any possible way to accomplish the web/mobile app using ionic? Tips on using ruby will be nice.

I’m also using Sinatra for my backend and Ionic for my front-end. I don’t know what you’re using for your desktop apps, but basically you should use the Angular $resource service to grab data from your API and then just manipulate the JSON objects on your front end.