Connect ionic 2 with laravel 5.3

I’m new with ionic 2 ,and I do not know how to connect my ionic 2strong text app with sql database using laravel ,but I do not know how to start ,any help please?

Build API with Laravel, consume API in Ionic app. Done.

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is connecting laravel with angular2 is same connecting laravel with ionic2?

I’m a beginner with ionic2 and I have a project for my university on ionic2 ,can you give me any tutorial which would help me to connect ionic2 with laravel ,i did not find anything on google :sweat:

No, not for Ionic 2. But googling for “Ionic Laravel API” and reading through these should give you a general idea what you have to create. Then it is only about doing the same for Ionic 2.

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I don’t agree much with you on this point.I don’t know laravel but connecting with a back-end restful api whether ionic or an angular 2 web app, you would still use the angular 2 http client library rite?
You will still need to create an angular 2 service to make the http call and inject that service in any component to get the data.


You are right. Didn’t think far enough. Deleted my comment.