R8M3 Mobile App Showcase


I am glad to have found Ionic Framework! I love how it fits exactly in with my previous SASS workflow. I am currently developing this mobile application. I have had quite a few stumbling blocks, mostly in the beginning because I didn’t want to take the time to understand Ionic’s awesome organization of SASS files. However, I decided to spend one whole day finding the palette of colors that spoke to our application.

Previously, the app looked like this mess, which is me not trying to utilize the baked in SASS files of the framework, hacking away pure CSS. This was the previous look, which I found quite icky:

It would be awesome if you guys can give any first impression comments and suggestions. Thanks to the Ionic team for making this great framework! Ionic is the reason I also got fully invested and sold to the powerful Angular Javascript framework.

More description about the app can be found here and here.