IONIC 5 is Amazing with CSS4 - And Good bye to Childish Bootstrap

I was with Angular 4 and Updated to Angular 8 and it was amazing. IONIC 3 was disgusting. That was slow in rendering to see the changes.So I Installed IONIC 5 - and I have to say is: IONIC 5 is brilliant. Speed and and very nice. I installed the Angular Material Library too to IONIC 5 and came to know that it was so easy to sustain and fast in Rendering. Love IONIC5 Cheers. If anyone needs help in Installing IONIC 5 and help in creating Let know.

thank God you people know the important of update. many of those still works with ionic 3 and demands support on that.

Yes your right. And whats more I love is, Using CSS4 and Killing Bootstrap the framework for babies and secretaries. Write your Own code for the Design YOU create! Thats’s UI/UX Class! Cheers. Ionic has it NOW!