Feature Request: side menu content, dragContentLeft and dragContentRight


Hi Everyone,

I am new to this framework and it’s a pleasant experience working on it. I’m not sure if there a work around on this request but is there a way where you can limit the dragging of side menu content? Like only allow left or right drag?



Not sure what you mean. Could you show an example of the issue in a Codepen?


Hi @andrewmcgivery,

For this example:

   <ion-side-menu-content drag-content="true">
      <ion-nav-view name="appMenu" animation="slide-left-right">

I’m talking about ion-side-menu-content element with drag-content=true attribute. That allows you to drag the content from left to right or vice versa (to see menu options from either side). I’m looking for a way to limit the way you can drag the content, like left-only or right-only drag. Thanks.


So essentially you have a sidemenu on either side and you want only one to be openable via swipe gesture, correct?

I would suggest opening an issue on GitHub for this. To accomplish this currently, you’d have to write a custom directive to override the current functionality.


Thanks for the feedback. This is now in Github. #2540