Ionic 3 sidemenu animations

Hey there!

I’ve just been playing with the sidemenu for an ionic 3 prototype and I’d like to know if there is a way to animate the side menu content on open, closing or dragging (specially this one). I’ve been able to animate the menu content with CSS but it’s not my point.

Could be possible to make some animation like ‘back buton’ behavior but with side menu? I mean, animate menu content from left to right when you are dragging the menu, for example.

I saw some paid templates with 3D menus, etc, but they are not working while dragging the menu itself.

Some help here would be very much appreciated!

Happy coding.

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Hi [codiqa100047049] Did you get solution for that.

Hi there!

Yes, I finally based my menu on an amazing example found on github by yannbf.

It’s not perfect but you can start from there.