PWA Splashscreen not working on iPhone 7 using Safari


This is my first PWA and I am trying to get the splashscreen to work on my iPhone 7 using Safari.

I have implemented the Cordova browser splashcreen quirks and it works on my old LG G2 using Chrome.
Now I wan’t to try and get the splashscreen working on my iPhone as well but I just get a white screen for several seconds. Can I do anything to fix this?

Thanks in advance


the splashscreen is a native cordova feature. PWA lacks (although not fully strictlly) nice cordova features like these.

If you want to splash, make it a page and do a setTimeout to remove it from the view.



I thought splashscreen was one of the working plugins? Why does it work on android?

Anyways I will make it a page and use it that way. Thanks!

OK, so its a PWA:

Check the Application tab in Chrome’s DevTools: