Ionic + PWA - show splashscreen in browser

I’m having trouble loading splashscreen for a PWA solution with Ionic.
I found some cases and theoretically some solutions, but they didn’t work for my solution.

Someone can indicate a possible solution or even another way to load the image before finalizing the application load.


Configuration on config.xml

<platform name="browser"> 
    <preference name="SplashScreen" value="src/assets/img/logo-dark.png" /> 

Config.xml is a cordova thing so not pwa

There is limited control over pwa splash - background color and icon I believe

If u need a content rich splash, then that will be a page in angular shown after that pwa solash

Pretty sure if u google pwa splash angular, u will find gyudance

Thanks @Tommertom I will look for a guide…

Hi @Tommertom I found this guide to create a splash screen… Can be useful to others.

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