PWA google auth

Hey everyone, I’m trying to use to authenticate users on my PWA.

To install this plugin, first I need to get REVERSED_CLIENT_ID. Now, for iOS and Android there’s instructions on how to get it.

What about PWA’s? How do I get that client id? Do I need it at all?

I tried to google, but didn’t found anything specific.


Have you got it done @todamach. I am also in same situation. I tried using Angular4-social-login module but failed due to iFrame CORS issue. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey. I currentlu using this starter, that I’ve created by combining some other projects, it uses firebase for registration and social login, and also ngrx-store.

In the auth.service.ts provider, you can see that it’s using ionic native plugin for facebook when on cordova app (google auth on cordova not yet implemented), and firebase plugins for browser social login.

Let me know if you have any questions