How to do native Google login in an Ionic 2 app?

Google is changing their OAuth policy and we can no longer use the InAppBrowser plugin to handle the authentication flow. There’s a blog from Ionic that shows an alternative solution using the cordova-plugin-googleplus but currently it’s not working for me.

Does anyone knows other solutions, tutorials or plugins that do native Google authentication (without the InAppBrowser plugin)?

Looking for the same. Any luck ?

I use, and its working fine on my apps. You just need to put the RESERVED_CLIENT_ID

I will try it out. Thank you.

This is a working solution. ( Even thought Google.logout fails once I exit app and reopen )

import { Facebook , GooglePlus} from 'ionic-native'

        let permissions =  {'webClientId':  "" } ;
        return GooglePlus.login( permissions )
        .then( (res) => {
          console.log( res);
          let idToken = { id_token: res.idToken } ;
          return this.login( idToken ,'googleUrl').toPromise(); // handle app specific login
        }).catch( this.handleError );

    switch (this.user.provider) {
      case "facebook":
      Facebook.logout().catch( this.handleError );
      case "google":
      GooglePlus.logout().catch( this.handleError );
    let headers = this.httpHeader() ;'user');
    this.user = null;
    return this.emailLogout( headers ); // handle app specific logout