PWA filesystem


I am trying to create a PWA app that downloads some files (e.g. PDF, Word, Images etc) to a folder on the device. The files will total up to around 700MB or more. The requirement is to develop the app as a PWA and install as a standalone to a mobile device.

I am using Ionic 5 with Angular and Capacitor. Capacitor has a Filesystem plugin which allow to write files to disk easily but I noticed it is writing to a FileStorage within the IndexedDB. From what I read there is a storage limit if it’s being stored within the IndexedDB and also files may be purged.

Is it possible to read/write the files via PWA as if it’s a native / cordova app? It would be probably be something like a Google Drive app but in PWA form.

The reason we are going the PWA route is to skip the app / play store. Is this idea possible with PWA or a better way is to build it as a cordova / native app?

Many thanks in advance!

You can try this.

Thanks for sharing this. Looks like the API is still in progress but it seems to be able to manage files in the file system. Will keep a lookout for this.