Ionic PWA with capacitor

i am build a Ionic PWA. I dont want to generate the APK file so i add my app to homescreen.I want to open the device camera and save the photos captured in my device by creating a folder. I tried to access the api to create a folder in the device directory and then save captured photos in it.But i am getting this error-FileSystem doesnot have web implementation. Does the file system api works only if i generate a APK file or is there any plans in future to support for web?
Thank you

How that would work? Browser don’t have access to the file system so you mean using a fallback?

Maybe you could submit your idea to the Capacitor’s GitHub repo?

I am not expecting the file system to work in computer browser.I want to add my app to mobile homescreen and i want to capture the images and save them in a particular folder.I am curious to know if capacitor only support APK’s then it is not different than cordova which also used to work only on APK’s. Then does the present version of Capacitor just elimates the use of cordova and support the native features only on Apks?

So you want to build a PWA right? Then to oversimplify such app are still working in a browser on your phone

Thank you @reedrichards. We have waited so long for capacitor thinking it will support in browser also.Do you think there is any plan to implement native api in mobile browser will be supported in future so that we will wait for some more time or we need to go for APK version only?

I mean Capacitor support browser, for example the camera plugin of Capacitor just works like a charm on iOS, Android and Web

About file system, I guess, if you’ve got how good idea how to solve, just submit your idea to their team

Earlier i tried to Capacitor GeoLocation Plugin and it worked nice in web. I will have a look at the camera and filesystem plugin.Thank You

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