Push notifications not delivered through Ionic

I am having an issue using Ionic Push for iOS. I have successfully created the required certificates, and configured them in Ionic Cloud. I can see in Ionic Auth the push tokens, however sending push notifications through the website does not do anything (nothing appears on device, no error message).

If I copy the push token from the site and put it in Pusher, it appears on the device.

These are my build signing settings:

I then created two push certificates, one dev, one prod

I’ve configured these in Ionic Push as a dev and prod profile, along with the code signing certificates. Unfortunately, as I said above push doesn’t do anything (no error, no push delivered). If I push through the Ionic API, manually specifying a push token and profile it still doesn’t work.

Using Pusher locally, if I copy the push token from Ionic Auth, and select the Push Services Production cert, push messages get delivered fine:

Anything I could have missed, or is this an issue with Ionic?