Push notifications do not work in iOS with distribution provisioning profiles


I have created an app that uses Ionic push notifications in iOS.
When I debug everything works smoothly, but when I release the app either with an Appstore or an Adhoc provisioning profile, notifications just don’t arrive. Ionic tells me that they are sent (I am testing with apps.ionic.io) but they don’t arrive.

I have checked and re-checked the entintlements of the provisioning profiles on the Apple developers website and it says that they include push notifications.

I have also tried creating new API keys in ionic.io, explicitly ticking both development and production, but nothing has changed.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?




Same problem here. Everything works well in dev mode.

I have same issue. Does it work for you now?

I also facing the same issue. can any one find out the solution.

Hey did you work this out?