Push Notifications and click actions

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I wanted to know if it exists a way to handle users clicks on Push Notifications (and if possible for both platform : Android and IOS) ?

For now I was using the cordova Push plugin with my own server with node-gcm and node-apn
I saw a click_action for gcm parameter but I can’t figure how this works.

Several use cases :

  • Redirecting the user on a specific view (for example a messenger if he receives a new message)
  • More advanced: like Twitter : we can follow users directly from the Push Notification without opening the app

If anyone knows if it’s possible or has a trick to handle that, it would be nice ! :slight_smile:


did you find any solution?

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any solutions yet???

Yes its there by default - you just have to handle it in your code inside the app. There is an event fired i forgot which one was it but the documentation provides it all

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You should add additional data to your notification (I’m using firebase) and manage it in the platform.ready() event and add something like this:

	push.on('notification', (data) => {
		let localData: any = data.additionalData;
		if (localData.action) {
			this.events.publish("notification:" + localData.action, localData);
		//if user using app and push notification comes
		if (data.additionalData.foreground) {
			if (data.message) {
				let toast = this.toastCtrl.create({
					message: data.message,
					duration: 3000,
					position: 'top'
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Thanks but I still don’t get some a toast will help me redirect the user to a specific view after he/she clicks on a notification? Should this be done in the backend altogether?

To redirect, just replace the toast (or the this.events.publish()) with normal navigation:




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