Ionic Push notification: How to handle onClick?


I am using Ionic Push notifications in my app.

Everything is working fine.

When the user send a message, the notification will be fired through a cURL request, and it will arrive only if the receiver has the app off or in background.

I have just a problem handling the onClick callback.

Following the documentation I have put the callback function in the onNotification parameter.

“onNotification”: This function will be called when your device receives a notification, and provided with the notification object received.

What I need to do, when the user click on the notification, is to redirect him to a certain page.

It is working.

The problem is that when the user is inside the app, it will be automatically redirected to that page everytime he will receive a message. When the notification is fired by not actually received because the app is in foreground

And in this the onNotification will be called anyway…


.run(function($ionicPlatform, $rootScope, $location, $state) {

  $ionicPlatform.ready(function() {

    var push = new Ionic.Push({

        "debug": true,
        "onNotification": function(notification) 
            if ( $ != 'app.attendee-chat' ) 
        "onRegister": function(data) 



How can I manage to setup a callback function that will be called ONLY when the user actually click on the notification, and not when he is inside the app?

I have to do some tricks inside the onNotification or there is a possibility to setup a onClick callback?

Thank you!