How to launch my app from push notification click


I’m using node-gcm to send scheduled push notifications from my server. The push notifications are coming through good.

I need some help with how to get the app to launch when the push notification is clicked though. According to node-gcm docs I need an intent-filter called from the click_action method of the notification object that gets sent.

Ionic/Cordova overwrites the intent-filter if I put it directly in the AndroidManifest.xml. I also looked at trying to pass a URL produced by Eddy Verbruggen’s Custom-URL-Scheme plugin to the click-action method of the notification object that gets sent with the push notification. This didn’t seem to work either.


Do you know how to access a defined state when clicking on the notification ?


@ronycohen I’m back at the same crossroad. I am now using the phonegap-plugin-push Cordova plugin you mentioned on my node-gcm issue. My app launches when the push notification has been clicked but I can’t find how to get it to launch to a particular state or view. Did you ever figure it out?


Did you figure out how to go to a particular view when clicking on a push notification? I am trying to figure out how to do this for my chat application (in order to redirect the user to the correct chat conversation when clicking on a push notification)