Push Notification with images and iOS

i’m using the Capacitor Plugin to get push notifications.
Everything works fine, both on Android and iOS but today, when I tried to attach an image to the push notification payload, it didn’t work on iOS (I can get the picture on Android).
In iOs I can see the message but i don’t get any image.

There is an additional configuration to add somewhere?

On Firebase’s webpage they say this:

but i wasn’t able to fix in my code.

Thank you!



Did you ever get this working? I’m also trying to create a push notification service extension per the FCM and Apple documentation, but I’m getting the error:

Use of undeclared identifier 'FIRMessaging'

I’m just trying to get images to display in an iOS push notification.

yes, at the end i was able to get it working.
i followed this guide:

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