Push Notifications with Image

I’m currently using Firebase to send my push notifications, using Capacitor to do so. In Firebase, you can send an ImageUrl over, which should show a small image inside the notification. Is there some more configuration within Capacitor to get this working correctly to show the image? I am receiving the notification, but it is not showing the image.

Ok, I’m getting a little further along with this. I added a new target in my ios app which added a notification service app extension (unnotificationserviceextension). If I build and run on my mac, my phone is able to receive the notification with the image correctly, but I cannot build on Ionic Hub because I am receiving an error message about my provisioning profile.

error: Provisioning profile "APPNAME" has app ID "net.appname.mobile.dev", which does not match the bundle ID "net.appname.mobile.dev.NotificationImages". (in target 'NotificationImages' from project 'App')

Any ideas on how I can get this app with a service extension built on Ionic Hub?

Hey @jdrozd. Appflow/Ionic Hub doesn’t yet support app extensions. However, we will be adding support for them in the next week or so! So, stay tuned for that. Once we ship it your app should build just fine.