Push notification when app is open

I configured my app to receive push notification using parse.com service.
It works fine, but I like to know if it is possibile to react to a received notification where the app is already open (I’d like to increment a badge on tabs or some other action related to received push)


case ‘message’:

is what you are looking for, you might emit an event from there, and listen to it in another part of the app, then you would use it to your advantage.

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Can I use this plugin even if I use parse.com to send push?
I can’t register cause don’t have senderid and I’m already registered on server parse.
I will try and let you know if it works
thank you

@krzkz94 I tried but not working this plugin do not react at push from parse :frowning:

@missile were you able to successfully integrate push notification with Parse?

It is possible. But it’s a bit tedious process.

You have to call Parse REST API ‘/installations’ to register your device.

Then you have to do $cordovaPush.register, and in payload specify callback like so for example:
“ecb” : “angular.element(document.querySelector(’[ng-app]’)).injector().get(‘PushNotificationService’).notify”

$cordovaPush.register will also give you your token, you can then save this token in your backend to target this specific device through parse.com REST api

Then you just console log your PushNotificationService notify method

Note: You will have to add ios certificate in PARSE.com to allow push notifications on iOS and GCM details if you want to target Android.

Can you please elaborate a little on my topic…I am sorry but I am new to this…http://forum.ionicframework.com/t/parse-push-notification-ios/36143
Thanks in advance