Parse Push Notification iOS

Was developing application to do send messages through push notification using parse.
Used the plugin at cranberry push plugin.
Was able to set it up correctly to receive notification on Device.
However am unable to use the payload in the app. This also means that the user will not see notifications while the app is running.
Can you please help.
Thanks DJ…

Please show us your code how you register to receive notifications at the moment

window.parsePlugin.initialize(‘my-app-id’, ‘my-app-key’, function() {
console.log(‘Parse initialized successfully.’);
alert(‘Parse initialized successfully’);
window.parsePlugin.subscribe(‘SampleChannel’, function() {
console.log(‘Successfully subscribed to SampleChannel.’);
window.parsePlugin.getInstallationId(function(id) {
console.log('Retrieved install id: ’ + id);
* Now you can construct an object and save it to your own services, or Parse, and corrilate users to parse installations
var install_data = {
installation_id: id,
}, function(e) {
console.log(‘Failure to retrieve install id.’);
}, function(e) {
console.log(‘Failed trying to subscribe to SampleChannel.’);
}, function(e) {
console.log(‘Failure to initialize Parse.’);

I don’t use parsePlugin, So can’t help you with this one, sorry, instead I am using ngCordova push plugin with Parse Rest API