Pull to refresh not refreshing the list

i had a problem with infinite scroll and now it’s solved thanks to this forum.i used pretty much the same logic with pull to refresh.no errors.nothing just new items not showing.in a log actually it returns the whole ten results not only the new items.i uderstand the reason for that.but everything else no.

See the Pen GWLBqP by mohamed reda (@redamed) on CodePen.

in this pen the controller and the service.in the view i have the usual ion-refresher with the function doRefresh().basically it's not showing the new results Note;that's not the whole controller.some parts are missing.but it's okay thank you for your help

EDIT:.i tried to disable caching.both in the code and dev tools in chrome.didn’t work

if anybody can take a look at the code.i’ll really appreciate it.cheers