Pull to Refresh is not working

Hi All,

I want to implement pull to refresh inside content. But content should be scroll false.


<ion-content class="has-header has-footer" scroll="false">
        <ion-refresher on-refresh="doRefresh()" pulling-icon="ion-arrow-down-c" pulling-text="Pull to refresh..." refreshing-text="Refreshing!" refreshing-icon="ion-loading-c"></ion-refresher>

It is not working…

How can do this?

Hi All,

One more issue on pull to refresh page.
I am ion-list using ng-repeat and on click on list it will open description. It is working.
But when i add pull to refresh code ng-click and ng-href is not working… :frowning:

What is the solution ??

If you can scroll…how can you pull to refresh?

As far as the feature not working when there’s ng-clicks, I’m not abel to reproduce that as.

Hi All,

Pull to refresh page ng-click and ng-href is not working.

It is reproducible. Some times working but some time not.
What is problem ?? :frowning:
Can any one help me???

Other than the conflict between the ng-click and href, seems to be working fine for me.

Want to mess with that codepen and see if you can get the error?

My problem resolve… It was not working due to css float:left:slight_smile:

Ah alright, glad to hear you got it resolved :smile:

Hi @mhartington
How can implemented image loader in ionic??
Loader should display till image loaded…success.

Take a look at the learn site


Hi @mhartington ,

Thanks for reply…
But i want…

<img ng-src="http://freedomwallpaper.com/wallpaper/hd-widescreen-wallpaper-3.jpg" />

i want to display loader for image div till image is loaded successfully.

Hmm take a look at this stackoverflow post, which does exactly this.