Pull to refresh + infinite scroll issue

Hi guys

When I try to implement an infinite scroll together with a pull to refresh, I get a weird positioning error.
I defined a loadMore function, but when I call it through the refresher, the list only takes about half the screen.

When I call the exact same function from a button instead of the refresher, everything works fine.

I’m not able to reproduce the problem in a codepen, so maybe it has something to do with the servercall ?

This is the function I call:

        $scope.search = true;
        teller = 0;
        $scope.labrequests = [];

And in the loadMore I do a servercall and add those results to the array.

So, this gives the error:

<ion-refresher pulling-text="Trek om te vernieuwen" on-refresh="checkQuery()"></ion-refresher>

And this works fine:

<button ng-click="checkQuery()" class="button button-stable">

Any ideas?

No one ? Can’t figure it out.

A codepen would be nice.

Maybe if you do a refresh the infinite scroll is also called -> and the responses are overwriting each other.

aaaannnnd so on.