Hello team.

I came across in the beta version. Is this feature available in the earlier versions as well? specifically 0.9.27.

Another associated question. Where can I find the docs for older versions?

Spatial Unlimited

You best bet is to dig through the forums for older posts about infinite scroll. I know it was available in earlier versions, I’m just not 100% on how it was implemented or its syntax.

It was available in 0.9.27. I think the syntax hasn’t changed. You might have a look at the source files (especially inonic-angular.js) and the documentation included within.

However you should update to the beta if possible, because there were a lot of updates concerning lists and the animation of the loading indicators of pull-to-refresh and inifinite-scrolling.

Hi @mhartington. I found this codepen from @Calendee for infinite scroll.


This is done using Ionic 0.9.26. I replaced it with 0.9.27 and it fails to work. Any inputs to fix this?

Spatial Unlimited

The syntax changed. It used to be:

<ion-content on-infinite-scroll="loadMoreStuff()">

I would recommend you update to beta though.