Publishing app in google store without --release build


Is it possible to publish ionic app in google store only with --prod build and without --release build? I have a big problem with https request, when i generate release build, so i was thinking, only prod build will solve the issue. Whats the advantages of release build?


Honestly, I don’t think so, signing the apk is a must I think

–prod => tells ionic app-scripts to perform all optimization it could to produce a better, smaller, bundle

–release => tells cordova to sign the release respectively to sign the apk


it isnt possible to sign only --prod apk?


I agree, but what would be the different with signing the apk yourself then?
@Vartex05 You could at least try to sign the --prod only apk yourself and see if Google Play accepts it, but tackling problems this is way is a very very bad practice. You would be better off trying to find the root of your problem.


Yea i know, but so far i didnt findout how to fix problem with https request in release mode, they just fails when because the certificate on server is self-signed - invalid


No it isn’t possible I think

–prod = an ionic app-scripts option
–release = a cordova option

I’m not an expert, I mean I have just created once a certificate to valid my app it’s all I know, so I’m just guessing this step is like a must. I may be wrong, I would love to ear it, but spontaneously that’s my feeling, if you want to publish in the play store --prod and --release are both a must