Build android --prod --release says app not installed

Hello iam compiling my apk for production version but when i run
ionic cordova run android the app installs
ionic cordova run android --prod --release app doesnt install
ionic cordova run android --release app doesnt install

how can i fix this error because am on the final release, thank you.

read the docs

i already read the docs, thank you, but when i add --prod --release, the app is not installed on the devices, but when i run ionic cordova run android, the app works . so i wanted clarificatin on why it isnt working for --prod --release

You didn’t read the docs properly.

The --release flag makes your apk ready for release, that means you have to sign your app. Even if you just try to install it locally on your smartphone.

How to sign an apk is described on the linked page.

–release means you are going to publish your app either in your own device or publicly & for that you need to have release key for your apk using keytool

What errors are you getting when you do ionic cordova run android --prod --release?

Okay, let me see how to get the release key

Same error here. But i want to create release .apk file. How can solve the issue?

I have been signed using jarsigner but still app is not installed.

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Hey, did you find any solution to that?

Even I signed prod build apk but it isn’t getting installed on device.

Please help?

Hi,gothrow the overall document in ionic deploy,
Ionic cordova run android --release is better use.
Thank you!

Did you find a solution ? I have signed the app but " app is not installed" keep showing