Provide password mechanism while downloading app from Appstore/playStore

@nicraboy, @mhartington and others

I have developed an app in ionic and am ready to deploy it on App Store/ Play Store.
My question is can we provide secure way for downloading application from App Store/ Play Store, so that only specific users would be able to download it.

For example : Can we have password mechanism while downloading application so that .APK file is not directly installed on device ?


For iOS apps, you can join the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, your apps will not appear on Apple Store, you can distribute them directly to your users. I don’t know if Play store has a similar option, but you can make apk available on your servers and protect it with password, because Play store is not mandatory.

Thank You @fabioferrero for your quick reply.

Yeah, for uploading on App Store Apple Developer Enterprise Program can prove to be good option.
Similarly providing .APK with password just like PDF and .ZIP files can also be achieved , however in case of updating APK file it would be necessary to inform user and again send updated file.
This could be overhead when users are more in number.

Though I would like to get information if any other way where I can be able to provide password protection to app before downloading app so that app is made public on Play Store.


I don’t know the kind of your app, you maybe provide some free contents and a registration form to access the protected informations? So you can control registrations. Probably the free contents can also be null :wink:

As you mentioned @fabioferrero, can this registration form appearance be controlled through my ionic app ?
My app is developed in java at backend for more information.


Why not… you only need a website to connect app with your backend and check for registrations coming from your app.

So I got your point of view @fabioferrero which suggests registration and persistence of the user through website.
However, can this be done when user is downloading application via Play Store .

Yes, sorry for my explanation, you can do all registrations by app, without the need of website.

Ok thank You @fabioferrero. for all information.
I would still have to look down and see how this could be done :wink: