Property 'inputs' does not exist on type '{ title: string; buttons: in ionic3?

Hello to all ,
I got this error mulitple times and i have already declared the type of input but i don’t why got this error every time ?
let inputs = [];
//Here we will generate dynamically check-box
for(let i=0; i< data.subCategoriesDtos.length; i++) {
this.subCategoryObject = data.subCategoriesDtos[i];

						value: this.subCategoryObject.keyId,
						label: this.subCategoryObject.subCategoryName,
						type: 'checkbox',
						checked: this.showSelectedSubcategory(this.selectedSubcategoryArray[i])
				// Create the alert with the options
				let alert = this.alertCtrl.create(options);