Property does not exist on type 'Object'

I have an object like so…

let myObj = {
 name: 'John',
 address: {
 lineA: 'Address line 1',
 lineB: 'Address line 2'

I’m pushing this object to a new page and retrieving it through navParams which all works fine.

If I console.log(myObj); after retrieving it through navParams it logs the object as expect, although if I try to console.log(myObj.address); I receive an error saying that the Property 'address' does not exist on the type 'Object'.

I can use this syntax to get it to work: console.log(myObj['address']); but there must be a way to do this using dot notation.

Thanks for any help.

I solved this by specifying its type to any instead of what I had it as which was Object.

Example Before

myObj: Object;

Example After:

myObj: any;

The above “solution” is bad. any should not be abused in situations like this. The right thing to do is to define interfaces for all your types:

interface Address {
  lineA: string;
  lineB?: string;

interface Person {
  name: string;
  address: Address;

myObj: Person;

Not only does this protect you from typos in a way that any cannot, it also makes your code self-documenting and much more readable.

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This is much better thanks, I didn’t know about this.

I assumed that lineB is optional in addresses; that is what the ? does. More information here.

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