Canonical ionic project structure, the best way


Hi everyone,

I used to make cordova apps and add ionic as a dependency with bower (you can see my starter project here :
Today, I wanted to test ionic cli and see what is the default scaffolding for a ionic project from the ionic team ! And I was quite surprised…
I noticed that the ionic lib (and its dependencies) is included on lib/ directory and not with bower, and, regarding the gitignore, theses libs should be submited !!! More generally, bower was totally unused regardless the bower.json is present… So, if I want to use it to add my projects dependencies, it will duplicate angular (for example). Moreover, the workflow is pretty poor, bower dependencies are not automatically injected in my index.html…

My question is, is there somewhere with a clear explanation of ionic project structure and how we are supposed to use it ?
Which is your setup and workflow when you work with ionic ?


I have a dev-www directory on which I work on. Any changes i make in this directory will be uglified/minfied (and other build activities) and copied into www dir via gulp.
I use sublime text editor.


Same as you (my folder is named app).

But I’m surprised that ionic cli don’t generate a really usefull project structure :frowning: (or I didn’t understand it !)