Process: Develop and Android-build on Windows - iOS-build on Mac

I’m developing my Ionic 3 project on a Windows PC with Visual Studio Code. To build for iOS I want to borrow a friend’s MacBook.

However, I’m not quite sure what’s the best approach to deal with the code base, which is currently stored on the PC, locally. I could copy the dev-folder to the MacBook, but if I then change something in the code on Windows I would have to do the copying again and again. Doesn’t seem smart :wink:

It would be better, if I could somehow sync (or check-in and check-out?) the files between the two machines.

How would you guys deal with it?

git. absolutely no question.

I never worked with Git before. What would you do exactly? Pushing to a private repository from PC? And then pulling it from Mac? Or how do you do this?

You can use whatever repository hosting you want, but yes, the key thing is to push wherever you are modifying things, and pull wherever those modifications are needed.

Just for documentation purposes: I decided to use a private repository which is hosted for free with Bitbucket. I’m pretty happy with it. Very easy and working as expected.