Problems with tab app and push notification (OneSignal, Firebase, Ionic 2)

Hey guys, I really despaire. The hole day I’m trying to get push notifications for my test-app.

Yes, I’m a newbie, but I thought it is very easy because the documentation looks so good.

I only want to create a very simple and new tab app, so I will start from the beginning.

  1. ionic start pushapp tabs --v2
  2. next change into pushapp directory and add platform android to test it on my smartphone (my other test apps works fine on it)
  3. ionic platform add android

Until this step everything is very easy :smiley:

But now I found this documentation, but it doesn’t work at all:

Can somebody can explain step-by-step how I have to implement all this next steps in this docu? I already have my OneSignal App ID, my Firebase Sender ID.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance

Greetings from Germany