Problems with ion-select after migrating to Ionic 4


My app is deployed with Ionic 3 and now i’m into the process of migrating to Ionic 4.

One problem im having with Ionic 4 is with the ion-select using ngModel and ngModelChange,
it seems when i select one option the ngModelChange isn’t dispatched but with ionChange it is, also the ngModel isnt being updated.

My code:

        <ion-label floating>{{ 'Model' | translate }}</ion-label>
        <ion-select name="model" [(ngModel)]="device.model" (ngModelChange)="updateFirmwareList()" [disabled]="!isNew"
          required #model="ngModel" [cancelText]="ionSelecNameCancel" [okText]="ionSelecNameOk" ngDefaultControl>
          <ion-select-option *ngFor="let model of modelList" [value]="model">{{ model }}</ion-select-option>

I have already loaded the modules FormsModule, ReactiveFormsModule.

No errors are being displayed.